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Lipidon Analytics is a bioanalytical service company established as a spin-off enterprise from the University of Zürich.

Drawing on many years of cutting edge lipid research development experience we aim to offer the best customer-oriented lipidomics analytical service in Europe specializing in identification and development of novel biomarkers for life sciences, cosmetic and food industries. Our enterprise builds on a proprietary mass spectrometry-based technology that provides an unparalleled bioanalytical research service for the identification and quantification of metabolites in a wide range of samples ranging from humans, animals and plants to food and cosmetic products.

Multinational pharmaceutical company Multinational pharmaceutical company Multinational pharmaceutical company Multinational pharmaceutical company

Our Services

Lipid and Metabolite Profiling

Our technology is based on liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS) for metabolite identification and quantification.

Lipid and Metabolite Profiling

Our separation techniques combined with high resolution mass spectrometry technology allows for an unparalleled analysis of lipids and polar metabolites, especially in challenging biological samples. Our untargeted Lipidomics approach covers all major lipids classes including Glycerides, Phosphoglycerides, Ceramides, Sphingolipids, Sterols, Acyl-Carnitines and Fatty Acids, with a special focus on the analysis of typical and atypical Sphingolipid species.

Consulting and data analysis

Our extensive expertise with mass spectrometry omics data (thousands of samples, hundreds of thousands of spectra and millions of data points) enables us to provide customers tailored consulting services to gain unique perspectives on data that was collected elsewhere.

Biomarker discovery and validation

Our proprietary biomarker discovery workflow covers the whole process from assisting in study design, applying the appropriate analytical workflows, data mining and robust biomarker discovery and validation.

LC/MS method development

Lipidon’s modular workflow allows fast method development for new or specific lipids or metabolites. The development ranges from identification to quantification and validation of lipids based on FDA guidelines.

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Our News

We are a new dynamic start-up company drawing on many years of cutting edge lipid research development experience. We offer a diverse range of lipidomic services to pharma and biotech companies, clinical research studies, the food industry, as well as smaller-scale profiling needs of academic researchers. 

Find out more about our current progress by reading our latest news.

Lipidon Analytics Venture Kick Success

Lipidon Analytics Venture Kick Success


Five new startups including Lipidon Analytics passed stage 1 of Venture Kick competition in Switzerland, each bringing home CHF 10,000.

Lipidon is inaugurated!

Lipidon is inaugurated!


After a few months of detailed planning our company, Lipidon AG, is officially inaugurated on 22.01.18 and entered into the Zürich Commercial Register.