About Us

Innovative Bioanalysis

Lipidon Analytics is a bioanalytical service company established as a spin-off enterprise from the University of Zürich.

Drawing on many years of cutting edge lipid research development experience we aim to offer the best customer-oriented lipidomics analytical service in Europe specializing in identification and development of novel biomarkers for life sciences, cosmetic and food industries. 

Our enterprise builds on a proprietary mass spectrometry-based technology that provides an unparalleled bioanalytical research service for the identification and quantification of metabolites in a wide range of samples ranging from humans, animals and plants to food and cosmetic products. As such Lipidon can identify value-added small molecules (metabolites) to guide and assist customer decisions ranging from personal food and cosmetic choices up to disease/therapy evaluations, and personalized medicine opportunities.

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Our Customers

Cosmetic Industry

Lipidon’s modular mass spectrometry workflows can help cosmetics companies to detect novel molecules in different cosmetic preparations, thereby addressing different market segments.

Pharma and biotech

Lipidon analytics adds another layer to the personalized medicine dimension of drug discovery and development pipelines.

Food Industries

Our technology can help the whole spectrum of food industries by characterizing the special compositions of different food products and mixtures.

Academic Research Labs

Lipidon’s passion for academic research is encoded in its DNA and therefore we understand the unique needs of academic research labs.

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