Cosmetic Industry

Lipidon’s modular mass spectrometry workflows can help cosmetics companies to detect novel molecules in different cosmetic preparations, thereby addressing different market segments.

Along with the more traditional dereplication analysis, our specialized technology can detect the unique composition of each cosmetic preparation paving the way for personalized cosmetic solutions.

Pharma and biotech

Lipidon Analytics adds another layer to the personalized medicine dimension of drug discovery and development pipelines. Our technology detects lipid signatures that predict responses to treatments in different phases of clinical trials thus minimizing attrition rate. Our technology can characterize in vitro and in vivo disease models along the early drug discovery and development pipeline.

Out of the hundred thousands of lipids in different biological samples, our technology detects the most crucial subset of lipids that change in complex diseases and impact many medical fields such as cardiovascular, metabolic and oncology which together represent the most pressing health problems of our generation.

Food Industries

Our technology can help the whole spectrum of food industries by characterizing the special compositions of different food products and mixtures.

Apart from offering a novel tool for verification of food authenticity and content, our technology allows the preparation of personalized food products.

Academic Research Labs

Lipidon’s passion for academic research is encoded in its DNA and therefore we understand the unique needs of academic research labs. We offer unparalleled and affordable lipidomics and metabolomics technology that assists our academic customers discover novel mechanisms and helps them excel in their research in biochemistry, metabolism, biomarker research and pathophysiology as well as many other disciplines.