Metabolite Profiling and Customized Data Analysis

Our technology is based on liquid chromatography and high resolution mass spectrometry (LC/MS) for metabolite identification and quantification.

The combination of separation techniques with high resolution mass spectrometry allows an unparalleled coverage of lipids and polar metabolites also from challenging biological samples. Our untargeted profiling workflows can be easily tailored to a targeted approach making it the most flexible analytical workflow on the market. In particular for difficult analytical problem we can rely on our long standing expertise in LC/MS method development and -omics data interpretation.

Multinational pharmaceutical company

What we offer

Lipid and Metabolite Profiling

Our untargeted lipid analysis covers all major classes, including (Tri-,Di-,Mono-) Glycerides, Phosphoglycerides, Ceramides, Sphingolipids, Sterols, Acyl-Carnitines and Fatty Acids. Our specialty is the analysis of Sphingolipids for which we offer an comprehensive coverage of typical and atypical species including 1-dexoySphingolipids, Sphingadienes and Sphingolipids with atypical long chain bases structures.

Consulting and data analysis

The analysis and interpretation of -omics data can be a challenging task. We don't leave you alone!! Our extensive expertise with mass spectrometry -omics data (thousands of samples, hundreds of thousands of spectra and millions of data points) enables us to provide customer tailored consulting services to gain unique perspectives on the data . Extensive consulting and data analysis can be provided to help all customers reaching their goals.

Biomarker discovery and validation

Our proprietary biomarker discovery workflow covers the whole process from assisting in study design, applying the appropriate analytical workflows, data mining and robust biomarker discovery and validation. Our unique expertise in the biomarker field protects our customers from falling into the common pitfalls associated with omics analysis and ensures successful identification of potential biomarkers.

LC/MS method development

Lipidon’s modular workflow allows fast method development for new or specific lipids or metabolites. The development ranges from identification to quantification and validation of lipids based on FDA guidelines. Customer defined method development projects can be either implemented in our own lab or transferred to the customer lab.